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How To Order from STYLEBUY

How To Order Wholesale Clothing?

Ordering Women's wholesale clothing online for your store, boutique or independent retail business as never been easier as a buyer. At Stylebuy.Net, we provide the latest and trending styles every week to our clients around the globe.

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Steps on how to order wholesale online from us:

1. Register for a buyer account and have it approved by our SB team. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

2. Customers in US may be required to provide additional information including but not limited to a VALID PHOTO ID and Business Incorporation Document that proves business ownership if requested.

3. Customers in International markets may be required to provide business address and or PASSPORT ID from issued country. No business documents are required.

4. We don't have a minimum order quantity, however buyers must order 3 units of a size in one sizing, for example, a buyer if interested in a DRESS SKU:2922, the buyer must order 3 units of any of the available sizes, ie. 3 X Size Small, or 3 X Size Large.

5. We provide samples of ANY products upon request at a sample fee of $25 per item, you can contact us with the url links of the products and we will create an invoice for all samples and ship out as soon as invoice is paid in full CLICK HERE.

6. Our main shipping provider is USPS across the United States. You can track your orders on our website CLICK HERE. You can also track directly on USPS Tracking Website CLICK HERE.

7. Orders are processed within 2-3 Business Days, we do not ship orders on weekends. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order is shipped. 

8. Can you order products for personal use only? No, if you are interested in shopping for yourself you can order on our online retail store (reopening soon)

9. Any other inquiries? Email Us